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AIX - Learn about AIX Part 1 | AIX Tutorial For Beginners

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In this first part you will understand about IBM Hardware layout, and there are three types of hardware series, which states IBM X-series (Intel basic cisc cpu), IBM P –series (RISC based power Cpu) for Aix machines, and IBM Z-series (mainframes).
IBM power line servers come up in P5, P6, and P7 models and in P7 servers you will find low-end, mid, and high-end model that suits to the practical purpose. To work with AIX, it cannot be installed on a desktop or personal computer, but it must be connected to the IBM powered server end only.

As the subject progresses, you will have to know about device terminology, such as, physical devices, ports, device drives, logical devices, ./dev directory. In the coming up lines, the faculty explains device configuration database, which describes a class, memory, tape, disk, adaptor, and the type, subclass, and description of the device terminology are provided, and you can configure the database devices as per your requirement.
Technically hard disk can be represented by hdisk0, hdisk1, hdisk2, etc. And, it is the naming convention of hard disks. The object data manager does maintain system config, device and vital product data and the ODM has three components, Object class, Objects, and descriptors. Further, cfgmgr, the configuration manager, is the command and the manager that configures the devices, and optionally installed device drivers if needed. What data ODM maintains? It maintains devices, software, system resource controller, TCP/IP configuration, multi-path IO, Error log, Dump, NIM, and SMIT Menus.

Further, faculty describes the device states, pre-defined, defined, and available database that configuration manager drives in. AIX is a self-configuring device that can be configured by configuring manager. You can also understand as how physical devices are connected and logical devices are connected to the IBM AIX machine.
If you are able to follow the IBM AIX administration tutorial that are placed in small modules can benefit the viewer and the interested students can enroll the AIX administration training programme at

Course Curriculum in KernelTraining
Basics for AIX, AIX Introduction, Devices, Logical Volume Manager, Paging Space, Security \u0026 User Administration, Configuring SAMBA in Aix for Windows sharing, scenario in real time, Scheduling, AIX Installation New \u0026 complete overwrite, migration installation Problem Determination, Backup and Restore, .Networking, Network File Sharing (NFS), Software Installation, Performance Tuning, Real Time Monitoring Tools, Printers, Storage usage in AIX, Configuring Power path, Integrating of Clarion Luns in AIX*, Discussions on LPAR, Usage of HMC, WPAR

IBM Power Systems Myths: AIX is dead and UNIX isn't relevant in today's market

IBM Lab Services expert Skip Garvin continues a video series dispelling the top IBM Power Systems myths. In this video, he addresses the myth that AIX is dead and UNIX isn't relevant in today's market. To read his full blog on this myth, visit (part 1) and (part 2).

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